- DouBLe DS


DouBLe DS (Dimitris Dousis) born in 11th November 1984 in Greece/Athens.He loved music from 9 years old with his first piano.At 11 years begin feeling the sound of the music affected by his uncle and feel excited making his own mix as a Dj. After many years at 2003 when he goes to university of Management and Economy in Local Government and as the technology rising in computer music, finds a program to create his own music with easy steps because he didn't known about music theory or music notes only by his experience with his ears as a dj and the love about music. Together with his university and other activities had joined he managed some gigs in Paxos Island and Kalamata City played as a dj and support to Greek and globally famous dj's.Following his rising popularity it was called for interview on a local radio station Best 97.5 about his explosive sets and tracks.Today he continues learning more about music and working hard to put all his own emotions to create better music to surprise and make you dance!!