- Dotdat


dotdat is a manifestation of the musical philosophy and inspirations that drive the man behind it. A culmination of ambiguous, dark and hypnotic sounds with hints of minimalism that make the mind and body move.It is the point where the nuances of making music meet the joys of listening to it. Music, that is sure to be as eclectic as the name itself.With techno at its core, he promises to carve his niche and deliver a unique and special experience that explores new dimensions of melody and movement.His debut set was at the Odd recordings showcase in Barcelona (Off Sonar, City Hall) which also featured Pleasurekraft, Ramiro Lopez, Arjun Vagale and Andres Campo and shared stage with Charlotte De Witte, Drumcell, Tijiana T, Volte Face, Ritzi Lee and Flug to name a few.