- Dominik Krammer


Dominik Krammer has pursued a long and uncommon way to electronic music. In early ages he got infected by the fascination of rhythms and beats and he started diving into drumming. The magic should never let him go and soon he began playing various instruments and first projects followed up step by step. For some time metal and jazz were his fundamental basics in music then in 2015 the turning point with first contacts to producing and DJing came.As a former drumming student of Konstantin Sibold, one of the famous and outstanding artists in the international techno scene, it was only a matter of time until the vibrant world of electronic music would find his full affection.Ignited by the steady energy and the newfound love to electronic music, Dominik Krammer combines his musical origins with the spirit of the age and creates versatile and unpredictable but yet straight forwarding DJ sets and own productions. Following an carrot and stick approach, Dominik Krammer leaves no doubt that he is serious and willing to take people on a journey with his music.Back in 2016 Dominik and kindred spirits founded the collective and record label WEVIEW and he ́s playing in various clubs and locations around Stuttgart, southern Germany.and this is only the beginning...