- Dominant


Dominant is one of the most prominent figures in Palencia in the field of Electronica. Since the mid nineties his obsession was mixing, but several years spent in Madrid focused his interest towards music production and new technologies.He feels predilection for styles such as Minimal or Electro, although his main passion has always been Techno. This was mainly what he played in the early stages of his music career. In this phase, he was touring Spain's geography and also international clubs in Berlin, London and Tokyo.His career has been marked by uncountable turning points, as he always searches fornon-contemporary stuff. This constant innovation has marked him out and made room for him in a competitive and at times saturated clubbing scene. It is true to say that Dominant is an investigator of news ounds .Since 2007, parallel to his work as a dj, Adrian has been producing in his studio what in March will be his discographic debut "Mother E.P." [Elektrocuts Records, Madrid]. During this time he continued to issue in labels like Kerala, Voodoosoul or Electronic-on. His qualities as a Music Producer are undeniable, as are his hard work and motivation that strive to surpass the limits.His extensive experience and his extraordinary qualities make Adrian one of the best up-and-coming artists in the north of Spain.