It’s rare to witness a successful DJ withdraw from a life of rocking crowds around the world in order to embark on a new voyage, but this is exactly the story of DJ@War, who is enjoying newfound success as an outcome of taking a risk to chase his dreams. As an already established DJ that has performed in over 25 countries worldwide, he made a risky decision to leave the world of VIP nightclubs and global travelling to focus on music production to unleash the creative inside, dying to break free.“I would always hear DJ’s complain that they couldn’t play the music they loved but never did anything about it...I didn’t want to be just a dreamer.”His irrefutable ability in the studio is clarified fully by those that have called upon him to rework their originals. The long list includes huge acts including The Maccabees, N-Dubz and Nerina Pallot. In 2011 DJ@War combined force with friend and production partner – BBC Radio 1’s Jaguar Skills. The combo sparked an instantly successful partnership in the studio and the smash hit ‘9 Levels of Power’ was produced. The huge reaction across the board from the slamming track captured the attention of Toolroom Records, who quickly signed up the track for release. Its success was extensive, climbing to #3 on the DMC Buzz Chart and picking up mammoth support from the likes of David Guetta, Eric Morillo, Adam F, Bassline Smith and Fedde Le Grande.Music has always been a passion for Josh. Born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and raised between there, Florida and California, he found music to be his perfect escape route from a rough childhood. Spending his earliest memories recordings hip-hop and house mixes from Baltimore’s 92Q, Josh would submerge himself in sound and wonder what and how the DJ was working. His curiously led him to see Kid Capri on the Def Comedy Jam and was the first time Josh was able to witness for himself what DJing really was – he’s been hooked ever since. Joining the US Air Force allowed him to acquire a set of his own turntables and pave a new track for himself, dedicating himself to the art of turntablism in an almost militaristic fashion. In 2002 the Air Force brought Josh to England, where he decided to stay to pursue his dreams in 2005 after leaving the military. The year that followed he entered the DMC DJ Championship, making it all the way to the US finals, a testament to his hard and ceaseless work. Soon after, his determination to win guided him through the Kiss FM/Galaxy FM ‘Are You The CK One DJ’, defeating over 200 other DJs to win the competition. As the winner Josh was given the opportunity to produce a track with dance legends Riley & Durrant, the end result being rapidly snapped up by Ministry of Sound’s ‘Data Records’ as a remix to Herve’s ‘Cheap Thrills’. This release was the step into the dance music world that he had been hunting for.In addition to five new tracks forthcoming on the hugely anticipated ‘Jaguar Skills & His Amazing Friends’ album on Ministry of Sound, DJ@War also has singles prepped for release on Ministry of Sound Australia with Tom Piper and Weekend Millionaires. These heavy hitting releases perfectly represent the fused sounds that Josh stands for. Fusing together Electro, Progressive, Rock, Dubstep and Hip Hop is the recipe that forms the true DJ@War sound. His new ‘Electric Kingdom’ radio show has recently launched and has been met with widespread praise and support. The eclectic show offers the best in brand new music from across the board with a special emphasis on breaking the sounds of new talent and spreading dance music to emerging markets via planned worldwide syndication. With a tour scheduled later in the year alongside Jaguar Skills, Josh finds himself sharing the stage with heavy hitters including Porter Robinson and Calvertron. The two-month tour kicks off this autumn into the end of what will be a memorable year for one of electronic music’s brightest new stars.