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 - DJ Wigley


• DJ Wigley has been mixing for 18 years + trained as a engineer and by the age of 21 was head of sound and light at The Leopard Lounge and The Hammersmith Palais working the sound/lights for weekly events/concerts + live broadcasts, he spent many years installing sound systems for Tarsin entertainments for 400+ clubs. He started collecting records at a early age and soon found himself doing small parties for friends + progressing to clubs + then a journey on underground radio playing on stations such as Reach/Flex/Don/Laylow/Icecold + recently Passion FM, he also owns 'Bonus Brothers Productions' a record label with over 23 tracks in 2 years with over 10 artists signed and just launched 'Bonus Radio' specializing in dance music with live DJ's from across the globe with weekly shows. His journey into clubland continues with sets at some of the biggest clubs and events in the country and a fast growing fan base with notable success with his monthly mixes on Beatport earning himself a 'Topmix' badge profile for his exciting + original mixes, he is a Juno/Soundcloud affliate with regular mixes + charts for both sites. To book DJ Wigley for your house music event