- Dj Thane


Dimitris “Dj Thane” Manolatos been born and grew in Athens, 22/05/1990. Has finished Electrician of Internal Installations and this moment studies in Polytechnic Colleges of Telecommunications Systems and Networks in Naypaktos. Dimitris began his musical travel in 2005 experimented in the beginning in Software Dj Programs while then he came in contact with first CDs and began creation Mix CDs in Electro House Genre. In 2006 begin and professionally working as Resident DJ in cafeterias and bars. The support of his family but also his friends, gives him more force, energy and courage and begins collaboration with their SoundRevS and begins appearances in the Gazi (Athens).Afterwards from enough Live DJ Sets Buzz Club beginstheir collaboration together and is established there from 2007 up to 2008. That period bootleg “Just Dance Caribe” that made Dimitris, knew big success and this appearred also in the world of YouTube, as in enough clubs. From 2008 until today Dj Thane has collaborated with big Djs (Akylla, Mikele, G Papa etc.) as in big shops in Athens but also in the province (Vitrine Exo Summer Club (N.Kosmos), Buzz Club (Gazi), LoveCafe (Mikrolimano, Piraeus), Nostos Club (Ampelokipi), Bocca (Panormoy), Bubbles (Panormoy), Boca (Cephalonia) Anonymous Beach Bar (Aegio), Locus Cafe Club (Naypaktos) etc.).In 2010 entered hard creating enough remixes/bootlegs and established per regular time intervals Parties in Bocca (Panormoy) and Locus Cafe Club (Naypaktos).In 2011 passed extremely achieved while Dj Thane for 1 year gave in E-Base Club (Nafpaktos) unique party!!! 2012 and Dj Thane signs the first music recording work with SuR Beats Records from Uruguay. Then it signs with Beat Tech Records from the Colombia, DaniRava Records (Italy), 220V Recordings (Malaysia) . Later Dj Thane publishes his pieces with music recording in Beatport & Juno. Fromthere you can also buy them.