- DJ Tears PLK


A self-taught producer & DJ who was born and raised in the province of Limpopo.City of Polokwane on the 1st of November 1995 and known as(Phillip Amos Manaka). He started to fall in love with House Music in the tender age of 12.Released his first single and titled Loving Memories (dedicated to his mother) in 2014. 
The single led him up meeting Soul X and formed a duo collaboration team known as Tas Apes. Their first work was an original song with Kaylow (House Afrika) album titled Reaching Out.2015 trio (Tas Apes) decided to slit up to pursue separate and solo career paths.DJ Tears PLK began to submit and release under House Afrika. His two songs was mind blowing and compiled by Tim White in a compilation known as House Afrika (Session 5) .Which it was nominated on Metro Awards. 
The year 2015 was also the year that DJ Tears PLK released “HeavyBeats Ep vol. 1” under AfroRebel (Oscar P) which it was on Traxsource Top 10 Afro House. In the same year DJ Tears PLK submitted three of his best projects under House Afrika (Session 6). DJ Tears PLK continued his production journey and he produced his first solo album title “Great Power (Black Box) and it was a mind blowing album. His projects are most appreciated by his fans. 
The year 2018 DJ Tears PLK continued to explore more about music creation and he started to write and sing to his instruments. Retro Movements EP is the first mind blowing Episode for everyone to hear his voice. For the likes of (I`m leaving, Take Me Back & I Don’t Want You). The journey of a new age music creation continues.