- DJ Snakeline


Dominic Maier was born in 21.07 1984 and grew up unspect acular. At t he age of 18 years Dominic on t he elect ronic music hit.T echno like him "Chris Liebing" and „Carl Cox“ embodied catapulted Dominic in a new world from Sound and beat . Though already became elect ronic music of power station belongs only this was something new. To gears of the wish in the DJ's craft to get, it was done the job properly at the age of 23 years, finally, and he completely got. Till 2008 he played on various Underground parties before in May, 2011 the Berlin label "JP Art Records" on him it came up around t o work wit h him. Since t his t ime he produces under „DJ Snakeline“ tracks which, among the rest, on "Various Artists"(Pipiin die Augen - Various Artists/CD "Sound on Earth") were published.In August, 2011 "Snakeline" began one under "JP Art Records" Radioshow in "Force Underground UK Radio", where one him once the weekcould experience. Great events like "Technothon" (1st-4th of Oct., 2011) became already denied. Since December, 2011 is "Snakeline" on „B12 RecordsTo find Germany“ and compiled with his closely musically linked friend "Josh Grape" a complete album what in the beginning of 2012 inthe download shops came.Publicat ions in 2011 Pipi in die Augen - kind JP of Records Clubcruise - Coralbay Records Clubcruise - Short vocal mix - Coralbay Rec.Publicat ions in 2012 Album "Nice One" Josh Grape versus DJ Snakeline EP "High Infection" with Luca Citoli and Domer 1.0 (Grape versus Snake) Electric Moves - track Fresh Spring - track and more. Already played with MicSaldo Basstronauter (Toyaner entertainment), Breezsounds Music, A2dB Aka Mr. Cut , AcidBug, T onbohrer, Peer Granat , DJ Pezzy, Sven Becher, Paradisebird, DJ Wilson Petit etc....Radio Forced Underground radio UK Fnoob - radio


203 Finest Lounge and Chillout Songs
Claudia Hunt, Emma Luna, Avelina Jose, Elias Harmon, Darren Kim, Delfina Deines, Myrtill, Naksi & Brunner, Kai Elston, we:us, Aida Antonelli, Costa da Liberdade, Benigna Maier, Chillo, Mike Warren, Blue Wave, The Sura Quintet, Club Camarillo, Jupiter Jack, Jano De Rhodos, Kusuma Orchestra, The Four Caves, Da Jungle, Rheingold Ensemble, Ralf Rondell, Rey Salinero, Diario, Captain Wayan, Streets of Brazil, Zadar, Aquarius, Helaine Stowe, Bobbi Briere, Alene Messina, Daki 2000, Vivian Holmes, So Phistry, Alice Shelton, Jess & Jess, Light in Color, Leila Lambrecht, Buddha Lounge DJs, Double Go, Josif Imen Puerta, Afrochuck, Delbert Schneider, Roy Bennett, Rosemary Olson, Oscar Rogers, Lana Lupercio, Ruben Hall, Josefina Keller, Aaron Steve, Wesley Colon, Clementine Calaway, Shanell Souza, Roxano de Santiago, Tad Hutchens, Rikki Rothermel, Angelina Astle, Joleen Hollis, Schwarz & Funk, Ladamar, Relaxraum, 49-1, flavour animus, Future Mind, Cafe Sunset, Luigi & Riccardo, Billy Barbados, TNT Recordings, TD, Jacek Stam, Paul Murs, E-Beiz, Seefeld avec Mady, Sonia Brex, Curtin & Manson, Arthur Explicit, Tom & J., Double H, Ingo Hermann, Cusco, About 9, Angelina Copa, Auditory Canvas, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Dream Rhythm, Elysian Piers, Esk, Iridium Flares, Melorman, El9mm, David Kira, Nik Thomas, Jolly Roger, Kristina Supergenius, Return To Gaia, F.B. Alex, Night & Day, G Element, Francesco Demegni, Overlap, Florian Filsinger, Fobee, Perdix Pretioza, V Dimension, Martin Andreas Paulus, M.H.M., Dodo & Lander, Mia Melody, Vio Beach, Tadpole, The Unknown J, Urban Snack, Urs Schmidt, CJ Masou, Koon, Circles And Spirals, Kurt Tepperwein, Saxmax, Tashibo, Bromide Dub, Netirais Juris, Alexander Kvitta, Earthspaces, Medias Res, Der Cube, Mikrokristal, Stanislaw Witta, Kid Vibes, Datamouth, DJ Snakeline, Move Star, Fiolent V, His Name is Frank, Timescape, Hesit8, Klaus Berner, Kim & Buran, Andy Geiss, Counting Clouds, Letherdive, Von Salis Reto, Miklos Vajda, Xenia, Tim Walter, Lo Seen, Macerio, Kadananka, Lapinu, Tlsfly, Petter Ask, Shorpi, Miss Caramelle, Miguel Lando, Daniele Nacci, Tory Arndt, Kiana Kazee, Vera Peters, Sam Swift, Shantay Huntington, Yan Gillis, Vernetta Ochoa, Noak Purushottama, Louisa Lessley, Georgette Gabel, Joette Ault, Brunner, Agit, Hillberg, Da Bass, Epitome
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