- DJ Sinner


Jerry Perales aka DJ Sinner born in Indio CA. DJ Sinner has been heavily involved in the Electronic Dance Music Cultural Scene since the early 90’s. With over 25 years of experience in the DJ Music world. DJ Sinner has shared many stage performances with many professional International DJ/Producer’s. DJ Sinner also has 5 years radio experience, in main stream radio. DJ Sinner worked at two different radio station’s. One station was A Hip-Hop and R&B Station. KKUU 92.7 FM in Palm Springs CA. From 1998 to 2001 DJ Sinner hosted his own underground electronic dance music program. The Midnight House X-Press. That aired from 12am to 2am on Sunday mornings. From 2001 to 2003 DJ Sinner worked at KMRJ M99.5 an alternative rock station. At that very radio station. DJ Sinner hosted his new underground electronic dance music program. After Dark with DJ Sinner. After Dark aired from 12am to 2am on Sunday mornings. DJ Sinner left the radio world to pursue music production. DJ Sinner has produced records, on record labels such as Dynamic Trax International, Tape Deck Music, and Let’s Beat Milo Records.When it comes to Spinning. DJ Sinner is known best for his crowd rocking set’s. When DJ Sinner throw’s down you may experience a set of House Music, Techno, Trance, or UK Hard House. Rather what music you here coming through the speaker’s. DJ Sinner always Light’s up the Room with an evolving force of energy. DJ Sinner does not like to classify him self as a DJ with only one preference of music. DJ Sinner has a true passion for all music genres of the electronic underground dance culture. DJ Sinner’s philosophy towards the DJ Culture is. “It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it” The art of mixing records is nothing more than a conversation. A spiritual ritual. A DJ’s set must always tell a story.