- DJ Richie G


ENGLISH VERSION: DJ RICHIE G, was born in LEIRIA-PORTUGAL and he start's as dj in 1999. In the following years, DJ RICHIE G appeared as a dj, in some club's of center zone (ALCOBAcA & LEIRIA). In 2001 and wit h only 20 years of age, DJ RICHIE G started is own project, straight to the organization of electronic parties also in LEIRIA. Than is name starts to appear for everywere in those fowlling years. Now after more than 10 years, and with other musical perception, DJ RICHIE G use a TECH/TECHNO dj style, and he has some dates in Portugal and Luxemburg. On last 3 years in PORTUGAL, in partnership with GROOVES PRODUCTIONS, DJ RICHIE G appears wit h your name, next t o ot her names like: DJ VIBE, FISH GO DEEP, UMEK, MARK ROMBOY, PETER BAILEY, DAVID VENDETTA, MARC ANTONA, TIKOS GROOVE, CARLOS MANAcA, A. PAUL, CARLOS FAUVRELLE, K.E.N.N.Y, X- PERIMENTAL, MISS PINK, LADY M, L & M CONNECTION, GONcALO M , DJ KLOUDE, KULT OF KRAMERIA, THE SLUM VAGABUNDS, DJ RIDE, BLOOP SHOWCASE, MISS BLONDIE, NUNO CLAM, VICTOR L, M. RODRIGUEZ & others. In Portugal work's with MASTER BOOKING AGENCY & GOLDEN TECHNO. RICHIE G in LUXEMBOURG as been mixing wit h: TOM HADES, VEGIM, DJ CHICH, DANNY CASSEAU, XENTRIX, DU'ART, MARK NETTY, DR.GONZO, TASSO, MITCH, PACKO GUALANDRIS, THE GAMEBOYS, PABLO DISCOBAR, TONY PANZA, RONNY MULLER, FOOLPROOF, NUNO ZANGA, CAMILLO and others. Hes also sponsered by T3L, an event organizer in LUXEMBURG. As a producer, is supported by FREAKAUDIUM RECORDINGS, based in GERMANY . More designs come in soon!