- DJ Psychokiller


It was the year 2009 when, in a room that served as living among a group of friends, the Dj Psychokiller and a close friend during a conversation about music and musical tastes, remembered to start a project that builds on noted in the genre of music electro / house. His music essentially settle down in an emotional experience between mixing electronic music and dubstep and drum n 'bass. One of the issues that this raises more curiosity dj is the permanent use of a mask in all their performances. Its aim is to continue to hide his identity with this type of masks as a way to mark their presence in the landscape, already saturated with dj's, but serves much to hide his shyness. At this point in his career, the dj intends to continue to evolve in their work, discover and learn more and more with the music, and has begun a new project in the field of electronic music production.