- DJ Pintaa


DJ PINTAA – alias Alex Pinter – was born in 1976 in Berlin. Until his 9th birthday it was wave Ebm and pop music that fascinated him. When he was 18 a good friend of him plays always house music at home and in Clubs!From this point, there was no way back. DJ Pintaa was so inspired by House and techno music, and no other style of music was of interest for him anymore. He visited a lot of good clubs around Europa and the rest of the world. What fascinated him the most were always the DJs. This is why DJ Pintaa spent most of the night standing next to the DJs watching and admiring their work.His love to house music was so big he began to producing his own songs at home. The different beats and melodies became a big part of his life, and they go along with him day by day. As a Dj he mix the single tracks together so they become one unique set that transfers people into a kind of minimal electro house music groove is his everyday inspiration.Hear and feel the sound of Dj Pintaa