- DJ P


Pompeo Di Matteo aka "Dj P" was born in Battipaglia ( SA )Class eighty-eight, "italian dj & producer" gets the first release on:Oblique Records, Minimized Records, Spaceland Records, NoiseTilt Records and others. Subsequently taken by the desire to make music, it is associated with other Italian and foreignmanuf ac t ure rs ,working as a remixer, but out of "Delicious Records" famous Spanish label from international caliber with a remix of "Lynchberg".Love and passion for the music, bring "Dj P" not to stop, he continues to produce influences "Deep and Tech House"on other labels such as "JJ Records", "Cibicaldi Records" label Neapolitan Music Deep, Techmatiq Recordsand finally proposes other the same to other labels, which received numerous feedback from producers and dj famous around the world,as the "Suerte Estrellas", "Dub Records" and finally labeled "Carlo Cavalli Music Group"experiencing a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. Consequently Dj P today is constantly changing mixes and composes music and try to do our best.when other work are in progress.