- DJ Met


Cosimo Metta aka MET, begins his career as a drum&bass DJ and a scratch lover. In 2000 begins to organize and promote music events in north Italy, mostly in Bologne, as an ALTERED BEATS CREW member, independent project up to the beginnings (http://www.myspace.com/alteredbeatscrew). Special guests of this events are weighty producers from drum&bass world, we remember: DYLAN & ROBIN CHAOS, TECHNICAL ITCH, N-PHECT, RAIDEN, B-KEY & VICIOUS CIRCLE. After several years he decides move to Berlin, becoming part of a project already afoot called JOPREC (http://www.joprec.org). This is an independent label situated in German capital, and even an agency of shows, management & artists booking. His career as producer begins in Germany. He was deeply influenced by D'n'B in his first inedited works. After, will be DUBSTEP (very late kind of music influenced by Garage, Raggae and 2step) that opens him more doors. His first ufficial digital release comes out on november 2008, in EP with the name SUB DUB EP, for the italian's “SUBCULTURE”. this is the beginnig of a several collaboration with other producers: KILLERALIEN, EVILBASS & CHOKE. His second EP comes out on June 2009 with the name of BAUSTELLE EP, for “JOPREC”, followed by a third in August of the same year, this time for the londoner “GAMMA AUDIO”, with the name of “KILLA ALONE EP”. This is a featuring with the Russian producer CHOKE (http://www.myspace.com/chokedub). There are new releases work in progress for MET, forthcoming out on JSD (JOPSTEPDIVISION), a Dubstep division of the Joprec main label.