- DJ Luciano


Miami-based DJ Luciano is an experienced producer and DJ. He’s been around and knows how to entertain a crowd. DJ Luciano spins in both Europe and in the US. He was behind the decks in cities like New York, Paris, Madrid and London and did gigs on Ibiza as well. DJ Luciano runs his own label and recording studio in Miami, named LoudDj’s Records. LoudDj’s collaborated with Ultra Music, Ministry of Sound, Universal Music and Hed Kendi. DJ Luciano worked with artists like Sara Oks and Monika Kiss. Apart from producing for others, DJ Luciano publishes his own work. His productions contain inuences of European dance music and are a combination of different house and electro music styles. DJ Luciano graduated from A.N.D.J. (Association of National DJ’s in Italy) and also from A.I.A. (Audio Institute of America). Booking DJ Luciano guarantees a successful party. Whether it is in a smaller club or private party or at a big festival.