- DJ Kamikaze


Now residing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, this 25+ year veteran to the decks has rocked sound systems all over the world. It all started from learning from his step-father, the most known local mobile DJ. From early beginnings of merely helping him set up, to learning how to spread music with access to an unending supply of music, he learned the craft at a very quick pace. In the late 80’s as a young teenager, he would mix popular 80’s pop tracks onto tape for fellow students and soon became the DJ for all of his junior high school dances. A huge hip-hop fan & breakdancer at that time, it wasn’t until the early 90’s when he first heard Cajmere’s mix of Dajae’s “U Got me Up” (http://youtu.be/RwtCsg-NfRM) that he fell instantly in love with the Chicago House sound. For years after that he grabbed any and all records he could find from various labels like Relief Records, Dance Mania, Underground Construction, and Strictly Hype and other various house labels with the more ghetto bass sound. He honed his mixing skills and hustled for gig after gig, influenced by and looking up to artists and DJ’s such as Bad Boy Bill, DJ Bam Bam, Kevin Halstead, Alex Peace and Angel Alanis. By by the late 90’s, Kamikaze became one of the most sought after DJ’s in Toronto for that very Chicago Hard House sound known to throw down a staggering amount of tracks throughout his sets with fast paced mixing and turntablism skills. Taking advantage of the growing popularity of this sound, he soon became a distributor for various Chicago Hard House labels into Toronto’s record stores, and soon after formed Kamikaze Productions with two friends to host events spanning from 1998-2001, one of which broke single night event attendance records. These events allowed Kamikaze to bring in the producers and DJ’s that he loved and grew up as a DJ worshipping and spread the Chicago sound even further. In 1998, Kamikaze travelled to Chicago for the legendary “Bonkers” event and got his first taste of producing at the Mix Connection studios owned by Bad Boy Bill, and under the tutelage of Angel Alanis they created his first track “King of Bass”. Soon after he got funding for equipment and Pro-Tools and never stopped learning and producing. In the early years after Y2K, with the decline of new Chicago Hard House records being released, Kamikaze decided to dust off his old Dance Mania booty house records for a big event, and it became the best decision he ever made. A whole new generation of partiers had emerged who had never heard it before, and once again, he found a niche that he could corner and eventually found himself being the opening act and going back to back with such Booty house legends as DJ Funk, Assault, DJ Godfather and DJ Boogie, as well as the legendary 2 Live Crew. Soon after, Ghetto Jackin’ Techno started to emerge, a hard,rough and rugged mix of techno and Jackin’ Chicago flavor, and it seemed like the most natural progression. With advice and help from DJ Bam Bam in 2005, Kamikaze finally was able to produce and release his debut EP called “T-Dot Throwdown EP” on Bass Heavy Music, with popular releases in quick succession on other well known Jackin’ Ghetto Techno labels like 50HZ run by Jamie Bissmire and Paul Langley’s Jackstar Recordings with his newly formed duo with Mr. Eyez called “The Jack Foundation”. Tours and gigs of epic proportions soon followed, releases sprang up on many labels throughout the world and Kamikaze finally accomplished his goal of becoming what he looked up to all those years. Whenever people heard or talked about that Jackin’ chicago sound, the name Kamikaze was never far behind. In 2008, after returning to Toronto from and extended European tour, Kamikaze had to put his career on hold for nearly 5 years due to increasing debilitating illness and focus purely on regaining his health and his life back. But with that behind him, Kamikaze now has his sights refocused and is looking to stomp his way back into sounds systems of the world destroying one bass bin at a time with his new label - ThrowDown Beats.