- DJ Itoy


Ludovskii bathes from an early age in music. He is interested rst of all in disco and funk that he enjoyed listening to old record players. But very quickly, he is attracted by the electronic sounds and the rst records of house music. In the 2000s, he became a resident DJ in clubs in the south of France and other more specialized. He started a small wedding animation company and, in 2007, put the music aside. In 2013, it is the revelation, the heart stroke: Ludovskii discovers the progressive trance. A sound that sticks to the skin and which he fell in love. He takes the mix in 2014 and it will take him little time to integrate the evenings in Marseille where he does not hesitate to shake the danceoor in many evenings. He joined the Vortex Nightmare association and began to take an interest in production. Ludovskii mixes a trance Off-beat with very techno-sounding, Prog / Psyprog, favoring labels such as Spin Twist Record or Iboga. His energy and his love for music are such that he is able to achieve a real marathon sound nights. Recently spotted by the association HAPPY FACE EVENT Bordeaux, he joined the team. You could see him playing alongside artists such as Alpha Portal, Ace Ventura, Astrix, Captain Hook, Ritmo, Gaudi, Fungus Funk, Penta, Timelock, Gaspard, Yestermorrow, Gonzi, Atacama, Hyper Frequencies, Earthspace and many more. others. In 2018 he joined the label 2P-NAY as producer