- DJ Golan


Influenced by great artists and DJ's since childhood, he always took his passion for music as a crucial element in his life.He plays different styles, such as: Techno, Minimal & Progressive-House, but he is always clear about his favorite styles, Techno and Progressive.His presentations have his signature style, and emotions that help him to create a “story”are expressed through his music (joy, sadness, euphoria, darkness, love, hate,tenderness, peace, among others).He has performed at clubs and festivals of great importance to international level, where he has shared the cabin with famous DJ's.He’s always looking for new sounds, and introducing new and more complex techniques, But he is always preserving his professionalism and quality, succeeding every day a bit more so his music gives life to anyone who wants to enjoy it, because as Nietzsche said: "Without music, life would be a mistake."