- DJ Electric


Konstantin was involved into music since 8 years when he went to the musical school to learn piano.After this he was a ballroom dancer and participated in competitions with good results, until one day his brother took him to a night club where Kostya embraced electronic music. Fresh out of the DJ-school, DJ Electric is born. Electric was born and resides in Moscow. His musical career started in year 2000 and by now he's also known to public as a participant of the projects 'Koala' and 'Luckystars' that has been released on the famous labels such as Cuba Recordings, Selective, Lost Language, Lost My Dog, Urbantorque, Clubstar, Conya, just to mention a few. Konstantin performed as a DJ back to back with John Digweed, Luke Fair, Anthony Pappa, Marco V, Tall Pall, Different Gear, Jimpster, Sasse and many more big names. Founder of the 'Deepology Family', that is group of music labels focusing on delivering quality electronic music with various genres in all existing formats.