- DJ Diego Menezes


DJ Diego Menezes was born in 1985. At the age of 17 he started to grow interest on eletronic music. His first steps began in editing some tracks from his friend’s band. Despite his lack of knowledge at that time, he showed great proeminence in this area. Later on he was invited to produce jingles at a local radio station.In 2014 he moved out to reach his goals as DJ and music producer, which are his highest desires as a musician. Knowing that the world of learning never ends, from keyboard lessons to music theory he has taken several musical courses, sharpening his ears and technique. He works hard and studies diligently, obtainnig by that his share of recognition by his fans. He’s now focused on endorse his carrer in “pick-ups” and soon he’ll be back on stage to play his his immersive tracks. Diego believes he has a lot to conquer yet, but at the same time he feels grateful for everything he has done.