- DJ Boka


Isaias Darias Fariña (Dj Boka) was born in Tenerife Island , Canary sland Spain in 1977. since he was very young, music has been his passion. being just a teenager, he started to be influenced by music from the 80's and that maked him feel really interested in its electronic sounds. At the age of 15 he started to get involved with electronic music Based on Djs / Producers such as Palu Kalkbrenner , Richie Hawtin, Dirty Doering , Carl Cox, Umek, Dubfire, Lee Foss , Martinez Brother , Ricardo villalobos, . among others and discovered what he really wanted of that big sound Beat called Techno and Deep House . In 2010 Dj Boka started his professional (White island recording , Barcelona ) t o learn more about elect ronic music and began to experiment with new genres and sounds. Playing Techno & House and mixing these two genres, he showed his knowledge and felt attracted by electronic music more than he expected and finally discovered that being a dj was what he wanted to do for the rest of his entire life. nowadays, Dj Boka is starting to see the results of that decision he made. he has been interviewed in a lot of radio shows and had played live sets on varias radios como ( Maxima fm and more Radios ) famous for being involved with electronic music. in Canary island he didn't take long time to become a recognized and respected dj and The world he is recognized as well. By 2010 Dj Boka decided that he wanted to be not only a dj but he also wanted to produce and mix his own music, so he started to produce tracks building them with sounds that achieved harmony and perfect beats, just to reach minds and hearts of all kinds of people. In 2011, Dj Boka signed his first EP with the label House Beat Records (Italy) and more music with various labels Smash Records New York , etc . Dj Boka nowadays cont inues t o evolve on electronic music being follower of the biggest djs/ producers all over the world and producing new music. Now he is 100% dedicat ed t o his career knowing t hat there is a long way to walk into but always being confident and thinking about there are no obstacles.