- DJ Aristov


Dj Aristov was born in Kingisepp town in Leningrad regionon February 19, 1983. He has finished a music school thepiano class. From the birth he has got a good ear for music.While studying at primary school Pavel was keen on pickingout the tunes that he has heard and he amused his familyand friends by playing those tunes on the piano.After finishing the music school the certificate of the pianisthas been taken away to the far corner to give way for theincreased interest to the IT-technologies. During attendancethe numerous clubs of St. Petersburg, the realization thatmusic education can still be useful if you combine computersand music have came to him. T he desire to composeelectronic sound has remained in his soul since thatmoment. Firstly Pavel made every efforts and attention tocreate tracks in the styles of speed garage and pumpinghouse. After 3 years Aristov started to learn and createmusic in the trance and progressive house styles.Now Dj Aristov is keeping on writing music improving qualityand sound technology of tracks, learning new methods ofwriting music. Some of his tracks have released on somerussian labels such as iRecords, Tranceport Recordings,and ABP Entertainment (UK). As a DJ, Aristov performs atparties and open air's 4-th year but he prefers studying ofsound producing and writing electronic music.