- DJ Andreas Anderson


Andreas is an Austrian born Techno DJ based in London. He started DJing in Germany many years ago and played in venues like Edelfettwerk and Prinzenbar amongst others with a residency in the BKI in Hamburg. His unique style is characterised by stripped down and intense basslines combined with melodic and experimental synthesizers. His sets build slowly creating an immersive experience combined with an exposition of hammering bass and acid sounds. Since moving to London in 2009 he started producing his own material showcasing this unique style. By the beginning of 2011 Andreas was working hard in the studio alongside legendary DJ Babydoc producing his first album with the critically praised releases 'Vertigo', 'Taranis' and 'Tabula Rasa' which showcase his unique sound direction. You can catch Andreas weekly with his 'O.C.T. - Obsessive Compulsive Techno' radioshow on London Live FM.