- Diogo Bacchi


Audio Go a.k.a. Diogo Bacchi, names proposed projectsdivided into different sounds. Diogo Bacchi protrudes inhouse music with versatility. Audio Go focuses on yourpersonal taste in contemporary conceptual and focused onwinning the individual listener and more technical, withsounds like minimal, techno and variants.Diogo is influential in the electronic scene for over a decade.Launched in December 2010 with a range Alvinho L. Noise inthe collection launched by Creative Sounds Lo Kik Records(RC2 Music) chosen by the magazine DJmag "Best of 2010"- Best Brazilian eletronic label, featuring tracks by RenatoCohen, DJ Magal and several other important artists. In April2010 released by U.S. label remix for the French YokoO.Shared the stage with artists like Stephan Bodzin, OliverHuntemann, Agoria, Oxia, Derrick Carter, MANDY, ValentinoKanziani, Gustavo Bravetti, Dimitri Nakov, Gui Boratto, DJMau Mau, Renato Cohen, Anderson Noise, Alvinho L Noise,DJ Murphy, Renato Ratier, Dada Attack, Gabe, Dino Psaras,Paula Chalup and many others.