- Dimitry Liss


Born in Czech Republic but Dubai established ‘Dimitry Liss’, has achieved an army of followers around the world due his top notch releases featured already on compilations the likes of Alex Dolby and Gare Mat K, along with massive support from key names including Hernan Cat t aneo, Camea, Ellen Allien, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice and more.Under his belt has upfront collaborations next to important industry names such as Sarp Yilmaz [Apparel, Minimal Kidz, Tretmuehle, Hi-Fi], besides selected releases on Eyepatch, Bonzai and Progrezo as his top picks.‘I don’t really like to call it “dance music” as it’s so much more, deep-house, tech-house and the combinat ion of bot h is where my at t ent ion is centered on at the moment. We’ll see what future brings, times change and so do we. Says Dimitry