- Dietrich & Strolch


Since music had always been among the two brother's main interests, they were set early on to produce sounds of their own. Their musical background from years of playing drums and the piano respectively laid the base for their shared passion of electronic music. In the year 2004 they tried their hand at sequencer software as well as at a small drum machine for the first time. The possibility to combine elements of different genres such as Jazz, African or even classical music with electronic beats and synths seemed to be addicting to them and resulted in several “songs” they played about two years later within their first live sets at friends parties or small bars. Meantime Dietrich & Strolch played many clubs and locations and are well known within their hometown Lucerne. In early 2011 Dietrich & Strolch and the close producers and friends “Dread J” and “Sousol” launched the records label “Neustadmusik”. On that label Dietrich & Strolch’s first production „Dismission EP“ got released in October 2011. Who listens to one of their live sets will realize that their music has a strong focus on rhythm and „groove“. Some pointedly introduced percussions and wicked synths give their sound some minimal techno aspects whereas on the other hand melodies and acoustic sound elements such as Pianos or Strings and especially the voice samples they produce might influence their music direction house & deep house.