- Diego Valle


Diego Valle has evolved as an artist without ever losing the initial rush of passion that initially pushed him into the electronic music world. Over the years, he’s developed a sound that is unique and influential by exploring the connective threads between deep house, tech house and techno.In the last few years Diego has blossomed in the studio which has led to the launch of his own imprint, LTHM. Started as an avenue for him to release his music, it has now become an internationally recognized label. You can find a taste of his style on his weekly podcast under the name LTHM, which he started in 2011.Diego has also delivered releases for labels such as; Listen:React, Phantom Recordings, Vursatil, Confederation Records, Maniana Records, Selekta Recordings, and also his own imprint LTHM. There’s a clearly defined, but pliable and versatile sound to his productions that marks him as a truly talented producer. He continues on his musical journey where he creates a path which reflects his vision, passion, and love of music.In this past year he played at 30 different events across California and Mexico while also finding time in the studio for 4 releases.The beginning of 2017 took him to the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for an opportunity to DJ during The BPM Festival. The constant flow of creativity will keep him focused for the year to come.