- Diego Suarez


Influenced by long journeys to Europe, and innovative and avant-gardists sounds, Diego Suarez started his career in his actual city, Mar del Plata (Bs As, Argentina) playing his records in some parties and small clubs.Since his beginnings as a professional DJ, he covered the big club circuit of Mar del Plata, turning into one of the most recognized djs of the city.Soon he became Resident Dj at: Sobremonte (Mar del Plata - 2007/2013), La Caseta (Mar del Plata - 2009), La Frontera (Necochea - 2009), Expressions @ Emme (Mar del Plata - 2010/2011), Trentto (Mar del Plata - 2011), La Princesa (Mar del Plata - 2011/2013), London Club @ Liverpool (Mar del Plata - 2011), Reeck ́s Irish Bar (Mar del Plata, Arg. - 2012/2013), Mr Jones (Mar del Plata - 2013), and Blue Beats Festival (Mar del Plata - 2008/2009/2010).All of them the most exclusive places of the coast.During his stay in booths, his musical style was serving an almost natural transition, because in his firsts gigs as a dj he played classic, vocal & funky house. After years of working and learnig about music, his current sound is characterized by generating dark and hypnotized atmospheres, that go from deep, minimal and house, to tech- house and techno, always maintaining the groove with a very particular style.He has played alongside with djs like : Dave Seaman, Christian Smith, 16 Bit Lolitas, Renato Cohen, Jason Jollins, Andrew Grant, Cassino & Laben, Elio Riso, Felipe Venegas, Martin Garcia, Silver City, Spitfire, Carlos Alfonsin, among many others.During week, he works in studio, as producer and remixer, developing a unique style, taking sounds and influences from house, techno & minimal.Also his sessions are frequently broadcast in on-line radios such as Frisky, Tribal Mixes, Proton, Di.Fm, etc.