- Dieg Namzak


Diego Bastide commonly know by his stage name "Dieg Namzak" was born in 1989 at Santiago (Chili). Long been passionated of music, at fifteen years old he practised drums with his band of rock. Then out clubbing with his friends, he discovered new sounds and more particulary "Techno-Minimal Electronic" sounds . "His love for music was born". Then he left the group he procured a synth and drum machine,.. He started getting interested in Mix and technics and gradually he turned to the production and the live. his music is a combination of several inspirations combining rhythmic energy with bass modulating and minimalistic structure, dark atmosphere and spectral dimension. Now living in France at Montpellier he recently signed on labels and continues its path , experimenting new sounds, feelings and inspirations. "The engine that allows me to move forward is the inspiration" Dieg Namzak