- Dickson & Hill


The Dickson & Hill formation is founded at stardate - 312751.6 (2011) by Peter Balogh and Patrik Ellenberger. This Sci-Fi addict duo deals with producing/remixing music, and performing live-act shows.Individually they reached different countries of the alpha quadrants planet Earth, like Germany, Thailand,Austria and Hungary.They perfectly know how to launch proton torpedos from the stage right to the audience ears, wheter they are Human, Klingon or Romulan.They first EP came out on Miniatures Records (Phunk Investigations label) wich was followed by various EP-s and remixes on different labels.Their definition of vulcan techno:Totally disaffected, unemotional, pure logic building techno, where there are vulcan wild instincts that needs to keep trying to suppress.