- Dickslap


Stuttgart based producer and DJ Dickslap is discovering and entering the techno scene since 2006 and had several collaborations with artists like Mark Morris, Michael Schwarz, Myler, Paralytic, Al Zwodezwo, Gene Karz, Kay To and some more. The distinctive sound of Dickslap filled with pumping beats and a lot of dark atmosphere gave him some shows beside names like Monoloc, Eric Sneo, Felix Kroecher, Stigmata, Sam Paganini, Daniel Portman, Michael Schwarz, Bjoern Torwellen, Urbano and more. Always looking for the perfect sound and the right groove he is working on releases for labels like Steil, Hard Drive Records, Ausnahmezustand, Lunatic Asylum Records, just to name a few. For his first releases he already got some heavy support by artists like Dr. Motte, Chris Liebing, Slam, A. Paul, Patrick DSP, Audio Injection, Klaudia Gawlas, Linus Quick, DJ Shiva, JT Kyrke, Spark Taberner, Deh Noizer, Dr. Hoffmann, Trebor, DJ Ogi, Vegim, A-Brothers, Morgan Tomas, GabeeN, Go!Diva, Luke Creed, Flex, Diarmaid O'Meara, DJ Mita, De Hessejung, Mentalic, Mark Tourneur, Paralytic, Austin Knight, Stephan Koenigk, Mark Morris, Myler, Michael Schwarz