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DIA (WIP / VINYL DID IT / USA)Originally from California, and based in Barcelona; Dia is founder and manager of the labels Vinyl Did It, Twelveinchesoflove, and WIP.Dia is also the owner/founder of Barcelona event venue and event promoting agency WIP, which features label showcases from some of the world’s most interesting labels and artists, as well as various art and fashion industry events.Her productions are influenced by 80's synth pop and early electronic music with a predilection for Chicago house beats, prominent basslines, and piano riffs rooted in her classical training. Dia's debut Album on the WIP label which reflects her musical range is scheduled for late 2012.DISCOGRAPHYDia / Cooperacion Maxima Ep/ Uvdog Records / UVV001 / 2007 Such&Such(Dia) / Flytrap Ep / Vinyl Did It / VDI003 / 2008 Dia / The Path Ep / Taci / TACI001 / 2009 Dia / Roaches Travel In Groups Ep / Vinyl Did It / VDI004 / 2009 Dia / Tell You / Twelveinchesoflove / TOL016 / 2010Dia / Flamingos Dance Too Ep / Vinyl Did It / VDI007 / 2011 Dia & Fluen / Save Me / WIP / WIP001 / 2012 Dia & Fluen / WIP LP / WIPLP01 /