- Detroit's Filthiest


One of the most diligent underground DJs from the ranks of Detroit's finest, whose bodacious style has bubbled up from the underground to become highly in demand by the house scene's tastemakers, Detroit's Filthiest f.k.a. DJ Nasty is one of ghettotech's pioneers who released on DJ Godfather’s Databass Records in the late '90s.After finding a whole new generation of fans when Disclosure sampled his 2002 hit "Pass Out" on their single "Bang That", the super prolific producer is currently releasing on MOVELTRAXX, Defected Records & own imprint Motor City Electro Company.The producer first began his career as Digitek twenty years ago, having moved with his parents from Baghdad to Detroit during the Iraq/Iran war, before shifting through a number of different aliases such as 313 Bass Mechanics.


01Cerulean, 3Bot, Acell-Hashira, Adam Carling & Nick De Voost, ADJ, AECK, AIC, Aisha, AKA123, Al35510, Alavux, Alex Jann, Alva Recek, Andy Clark, Anthony Rother, Antony Dupont, Arsonist Recorder, Atix, Avidya, Awol, Bangu Telecom, Bastik, Ben Evans, Blaktony, Brandski, Canvax, Carl Finlow, Carlos sicRock, Cestrian, Chainsaw Man, Cherriep, Chris Vocoder, Code Blue, Coherer, Collins, Crossmods, CYBEREIGN vs Skyborg, Cybernet 1202, Dagobert, Darkmode, Das Muster, Dave Mono, Deemphasis, Delta Funktionen, Detroit's Filthiest, Dez Williams, Diamondback Kid, Direct Y, DJ Xed, E.P.G, EpitomeZero, Errorbeauty, Errorbeauty & Serge Geyzel, Exile (IT), Exzakt, Fanatic 12000, Featherstone, Fleck E.S.C, Ford Foster, Fourmatic, G13CK, Go Nuclear, Hatch, Hater Parisi, Heinrich Dressel, Ian Lee, Infinite Cascade, Info, Info Cifon, Jani Ho, Jauzas The Shining, Jay Strata, Johan Inkinen, John Selway, Jon E Alpha, Kim Cosmik, Kitbuilders, Konerytmi, Kronos Device, Lee Coombs, LMD, Machinefunk, Macro DJ, MagikBitum, Marco Bernardi, Mark Neenan, Maschine Brennt, Mazzula, MOAB DEP, Moken, Monotic, MR GENTLE, MSRG, Mutex, Myoptik, Nessbeth, Nexus 23, Nga, Nomadico, N-ter, Nuklear Prophet, Oort Cloud, Oosr, pablo splice, Plant43, Prototype, Radioactive Man, Rain, Robodrum, RXmode vs TFHats, Scape One, Sematic4, Serge Geyzel, Setrus, Shann-X, sin-it-sin, Sound Synthesis, Soundex Phonetic, Synapse, TECHcontrol, Techmarine Bottom Feeders, Telephasycx!, T/error, TeslaSonic, TFHats, The Adapt, The Bandit, The Hacker, The Horn, The Lost Boys, The Technarchist, The Tomorrow Project, Vema-Diodes, Veronica Green, Vertical Dimension, Volph, W1b0, Wavefunction, Wee DJs, Will Web, X-TRUDER, Pablo Funk, Mar io
Bass Agenda Recordings | 2020-06-01