- Descent


Eyal Federman (Descent) is a Grammy Nominated producer born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles when he was 2 years old. Music has always played an important part in his life and he began playing piano at an early age. His love and passion for music gravitated towards electronica which ultimately led him to becoming a Dj which would take him all over the world playing EDM shows, clubs and festivals. His Dj experience evolved into producing music and working with producers, song writers and artists. His Unique sound and cutting edge style caught the attention of multi Grammy winning producer Noel “Detail” Fisher with whom he developed a strong musical working relationship and eventually he became details go to producer and was involved with the creation of records involving Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Skrillex, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, French Montana, Niki Minaj, Future, Maroon 5, Miguel, Taylor gang(Raven Felix) and many more. In 2018 he produced Miguels “pineapple skies” which was featured on his album “war and leisure” earning him a Grammy nomination and a number one spot on Billboard.