- Der


Der first found his passion for music at the young age of 13, where he began a collection of rare vinyls. 2 years later Der started to experiment with creating his own sound which to this day proves to be elegant as well as deeply sensual.In 2006 Der was the official DJ of Mini Cooper Co. in Rome for a commercial and a festival held in Amsterdam. Der has also composed music for various fashion brands like Valentino, and Atelier Persechino. In 2007 he took part as a guest in the Territories Sevilla Festival and from his performance was asked to play in Vespas Club in Madeira and Kubik Club in Barcelona. He has also played in Kater Hozig in Berlin, Club Der View in Laussanne, Mad in La Ruche Sevilla, and T he Terrace in Barcelona. Der currently works with GOA in Rome for important nights known as Anarchy In T he Club, and Ultrabeat.Der founded Nordik Net Records in 2009 with a platform of blending music with love for the environment. The first year of Nordik Net Records 10% of income was donated to help save the environment. Der has constantly progressed his label working with collaborators such as Kiki Djebali, Dixie Yure, Mr. Statik, and Lauhuaus.Der is soon to release with Poker Flat.