- Den Haan


Den Haan are a live synthesised dance act - the conceptual disco duo of Matthew Aldworth and Andy Gardiner. Previous releases have brought the group critical acclaim, and firm dj support from the likes of Optimo, Cosmo Vitelli, Headman, Ivan Smagghe and Mylo and. Den Haan are built for the rhythms of the night. Their releases are the spirit of seedy 70’s basement dives, a deco-greco roman blur of glistening bodies and dazzling lights, Criso on the wrists, spunk in the dark corners and sweat condensed on every surface. Den Haan GET the serious high-camp aesthetic built into italo and especially hi-NRG;- a sound that is at once knowing-humour and hand-on-the-cock sexual swagger. And there ain’t no Diva’s in the Den Haan sound – save maybe for a terrifying 26 stone dog-shit eating drag colossal know as Divine. Their rhythms are dark, electronic, tribal; the rock-god vocals more akin to Anvil or Van Halen, popper-soaked macho guys barking out tales of stalking the night cruising for kicks, all backed by a chorus of booming sado-cybernetic vocoders. Den Haan study their favourite productions and producers in forensic detail: Celso Valli from Azoto and Tantra, Franco Rago & Gigi Farina (behind the ‘Lectric Workers releases), the experimental excursions of Vangelis, the homo-disco cybernetics of Patrick Cowley and the atonal alienation programmed into the soundtracks of Claudio Simonetti and John Carpenter. Sourcing original synths and samplers the group sweat it out in the studio, striving to re-create as close to a version of the original approach to sound creation as possible. The only contemporary indulgence being a bang up-to-date studio mastering (conducted by Austrian based producer Patrick Pulsinger behind electronic label Cheap Recordings). This commitment to process brings not only an authenticity to the productions but also to their explosive live performances. As Optimo’s JG Twitch commented after seeing them live “fuck, the sound is way better than an actual club”! Their music may seem to have a parodic quality, an in-built “cheese” factor. But that is resolutely not its intention. Den Haan are deadly serious in celebrating their musical influences. Its camp undoubtedly, but HIGH camp. An aesthetic hip enough to appreciate trashy genius, a roughly-shod throw-away production but simultaneously in awe of the craft and imagination that was employed to create it. This isn’t a just a game, it’s a ridiculous reality. But if Den Haan were a game, they would definitely be “how many beer cans can you shove up your ass”! They’re not afraid to get crazy and let their balls hang right out there. That’s what Den Haan are about. PRESS QUOTES - “equal parts leather, amyl nitrate, Mr Flagio and Booby O” – Guardian Guide “forget Italo, this is Macho Disco” - DJ Mag “risqué-disco” – MIXMAG “there are still those who can deliver synth disco’s high camp drama without life-sapping irony or inanity” – The Wire DISCOGRAPHY - Releases: Gods from Outer Space (Mp3/Double LP) The Courier of Death Feb 28th 2011 Nightshift EP (Digital) The Courier of Death Feb 7th 2011 De Brandende Haan E.P (12”) Supersoul Recordings 2010 Heist/Russian Boat Commander (12", Ltd) The Courier Of Death 2009 Release The Beast (12") Optimo Music 2009 Night Shift / Theme From Den Haan (12", S/Sided, Ltd) Dissident 2008 Remixes: Box Codax - Seven Silvers (Den Haan Remix)coming soon 2011 The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 To 20 (CD, Single) 15 To 20 (Den Haan Remix) Tummy Touch 2009 The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20/You'll Disappear Remixes (16xFile, MP3) 15 to 20 (Den Haan Remix) Friendly Fire Recordings 2009 Tommy Sparks - Miracle (CDr, Promo) Miracle (Den Haan Remix) Island Records 2009 Little Boots - New In Town (12", Single) New In Town (Den Haan ... 679 Recordings 2009 Various Artists - Gomma Dance Tracks E.P 2 (5xFile, MP3) 15 To 20 (Den Haan Remix) Gomma Dance Tracks 2010 Dan Black – Alone Remix – Polydor - Digital download Hot Chip – I feel Better Remix (EMI) (April 20th 2010) Pixie Lott – Gravity (Mercury) (March 8th 2010) Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (EMI) Tracks Appear On: Mashed 5 (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Release the Beast Ministry Of Sound (Australia) 2009 Veros Artis Vol 3 (CD, Comp, Ltd) Theme from Den Haan Dissident 2009 The Return Of Mylo (CD, Mixed, Comp) Russian Boat Commander Mixmag 2010


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