- DemonDubz


DEMONDUBZ is a 27 yrs old Producer/DJ from the UK - In a moment of madness decided to Deleted his soundcloud at the beginning of 2013 to begin a fresh start letting go of 3500 followers with 20,000+ FREE Downloads and 100s of thousands of plays !! 2008 was when he finally pursued what he loves most, and that is creating unique music for all you Dub heads out there. Since 2008 DEMONDUBZ has a contract with an mp3 site called mp3-Heaven where his music can be bought in high quality mp3 format to be used freely as u wish. More recently in 2009 DEMONDUBZ style of creation has given him an amazing opportunity as a member of an elite record label HI-JACK RECORDS - DEMONDUBZ has been aired on many radio stations across the country and will continue to progress quicker than ever up the production line, and eventually reaching an honorable status in the music industry... Keep a close eye on this talented rising artist !UPDATED : 2013 DEMONDUBZ is now signed producer at the following record labels >> Immoral music/Earth city records.DEMONDUBZ is now well on his way to reaching his target.. Being sure to KEEP IT FILTHY ! It won't be long before someone is mentioning DEMONDUBZ in your walk of life.. K.I.F (KEEP IT FILTHY)