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Pablo VM - Start from an early age to lean on inspirational art (improvised compositional) on piano, approximately 5 years old. After several years of listening to many kinds of music (Classical, Pop, Brit Pop, 80's Techno, etc.), start to compose at approx. age of 12 years on a Commodore 64, Microrhythm percussion patterns. At the same time studying baroque classical guitar. When the firsts PC's came out, begin to compose bass and percussive patterns in "Propellerheads Rebirth 338" - (TB 303 + TR 808), and different types of trackers (Fasttracker 2.1 and others [you can to have the experience of tyhese type of composition with the actual RENOISE program), with samples; Some people was defining the sounds "weird and psychedelic". Later, with the acquisition of a synthesizer workstation, a computer (such as midi sequencer), and a Sampler (Roland S-550), start to have a more professional sound, and play in some clubs live with a female voice in Trip Hop style for a parade a prestigious fashion designer leather clothes (Uruguay). Later play native percussions (Tambores), in Barrio Sur / Palermo with Afro-descendents (candombe culture), and others like congas and other percussive instruments, and was still studying guitar in various styles. This gave him a peculiar meaningless of the rhythm that shape today in the compositions along with all influence of the music that scored from today until their birth. Reflexion: "There are still new music and continue reinventing partitures although these have a new way of write".