- DeLaRock


My name is DeLaRock, I am a Disk Jockey, producer and sound technician lover of Techno music, born in the year 1982 and resident in the province of Barcelona. Since I was a child, I demonstrated a great attraction to the music and his technical ways, and this so strong feeling was growing with me up to the current days, turning nowadays whom I am.Since 2002 from now, I've played in several clubs in Barcelona (such as La Cova Forest Club, Zen Club, Canela Club, La Nau, El Molí, DC10 Barcelona, Sala Bohemi, Nan Club, 2046 Granollers, Submarina Granollers, Little Jungle Mataró, and more) parties, raves...Nowdays, my musical speciality is Techno, especially when it is full of groove and darkness, but I am open to different styles that makes me feel intense, any sound that transmits good vibrations to me is welcome, independently of the style or sub-style. I use to create industrial, dirty and hard sounds in my productions with some sinthesizers, looking for that sound wich turns me crazy and finally stop and say to myself: "yeah, this is the sound".