- Deidian


Deidian is a Trance and Melodic Progressive House producer from the United States. With over fifteen years of experience in music production, he has released over fifty tracks of varying electronic music styles since joining the scene in July of 2017. His main focus on music lies with his signature Melodic Progressive House style. Deep bass-lines, soft chords, and shimmering pads inspired by the relaxing tracks and artists of the early 2010's such as Adam K & Soha, Arty, Shingo Nakamura, Mossy, and Mango. Deidian also produces a Trance style that leans towards an emphasis on cinematic feelings with more pads, strings and choirs that lead into powerful drops with massive chords and heavy bass-lines. Over the years he has gained incredible support from many different labels, radio shows, and YouTube channels such as Hands In The Air, Soluna Music, Summer Melody, Synth Collective, Beyond Radio, Chicane Sun:Sets, Druce's Until The Sunset, Full of Progressive, The Grand Sound, THS89, Tuemckey's Summer Never Ends, Pretend Penguin and many more.