- Define Crazy


DeFiNe CrAzY, the visionary music producer, started his two decade career as a classical musician who morphed into an EDM producer with a drive for taking his listeners into an unforgettable sound experience with glitched-out beats, deep progressive touches and melodic hooks.Best known for his distinctive electronica sound, DeFiNe CrAzY’s music has been heard through solo projects and collaborations with artists, singers, and other producers. The artistry that is DeFiNe CrAzY is heard globally thanks to the likes of world-renowned DJs including Tiesto, Nick Warren, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Andy Moore, John Askew and many others.With the release of his music on High Contrast, Arium and System Recordings to name a few, and tracks such as "Rock is Dead" and "Remember My Name", his sound ranges from Progressive House to Post-Punk Elect ronica.A vision fulfilled each time DeFiNe CrAzY takes his listeners into his realm of hypnotic melodies and rhythmic textures, he awakens them into a nostalgically cinematic experience that is dreamlike, faint, edgy, and when they close their eyes, an absolutely visual journey.On the forefront of 21st century music DeFiNe CrAzY fuses technological innovation with centuries of musical heritage to bring the surreal and evocative soundscapes that reflect the modern world.