- Deep Duet


DeepDuet sax&drums:It is a project consisting of a saxophonist and a percussionist. thisdual aims to provide rhythm and life in a personalized way the most varied places of entertainment, such as parties, events, clubs andbars, matching rhythms of percussion and "glamor" of thes axophonecomplementing the work of Dj.His musical training appears at an early age, having both gone throughsome training schools, conservatories and hotclubs.The Deepduet characterized by versatility and adaptation to variousstyles of music ranging from electro to house music and deep house.The meeting of these two musicians took place in early September 2003,has been well accepted by the public. Since then the project has had aperformance full of successes and consequent expansion by the best clubs andClubbing of the country from north to south.