- Dawn Souluvn Williams


Dawn Williams “Souluvn” Dawn Williams known to many as “Souluvn” is a versatile singer/songwriter/performer in New Brunswick NJ. She was always said to have a powerful and sensational voice closely related to the sounds of Gospel. She’s been singing for as long she can remember. When she figured out that she sounded as good as she did, it was hard for her to not share her sound with the people around her as well as the world. Singing for large numbers of people at a young age aided Dawn into singing for thousands of people today. She has always loved emotional, heart-throbbing songs with feeling and meaning. Most of the songs she’s sung and continue to sing are considered ‘Diva’ songs; even the ones she's written. Rather the song was slow, mid-tempo or upbeat, if it were powerful it had Dawn written all over it. Dawn Williams is an R&B singer with whatever you wish to sprinkle it with: Soul, House/Club, Hip- Hop, Jazz, and Pop... Her singing style is a very Soulful Alto with a Sophisticated Sexy Soprano most often compared to: Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Holiday and more-so, Stephanie Mills. With focus, dedication, and hustle Dawn can and will sing just about any song that is placed in her hand. If Dawn knows she can sing it and you believe she can sing it, then Dawn will sing it or... (Listen) www.youtube.com/dawnsoulwilliams (Like) www.facebook.com/dawnsoulwilliams (Inquire) www.artistecard.com/souluvn (Follow) www.twitter.com/souluvndawn (Follow) www.instagram.com/souluvndawn CONTACT: Dawn Williams/sophisticated.dawn@gmail.com Souluvn EntertainmentA non-exclusive artist of Kingdom Digital Music Group