- Davys


I’m a DJ who was born in Kaposvár, 1994. Whole my life I loved music very much. Since I was 6 I have been listening to music day by day thus I was always interested in being a disc-jockey. At a boring summer day (august, 2008) I downloaded a free DJ program (Virtual DJ) and started to explore how it works. I had to learn everything all by myself as I had no assistance. The time was passing by and I was practising persitently. My first performance took place at a school party in january, 2010. At that time I already knew that this is what I have to do, I must be a disc-jockey! I was getting to be more and more attracted to this stuff and I managed to obtain the program called Ableton Live. In the summer of 2010 I made some bootlegs with the recently obtained program and it seemed hard practise finally bore fruit. I uploaded my first mix to the server of Zippyshare and soon it was downloaded by many. There I realised that people like my stuff. In january, 2012 I really started my career as a producer. The first of april, 2012 my first EP was released by Canaan Digital Records it the style of Dubstep on Beatport. By the summer of 2012 more of my EPs were released on Beatport. By september, 2012 the YouTube channel called Clown Dubstep was also advertising my music. By december that year even more channels started to advertise my music and I made many of my EP free to download (see the Downloads menu item). In 2013 many novelty can be expected. Currently, I work together with more people.Those whom I played/worked with: : Dj Wyck, Ludmilla, Christian Silverman, Lewa, Jerry Dave, Datsky, Knight Midnight, Sven Scott, Danny Ritch, Samce, Bob, Dufieee, Renatoo, D-lex, D4NToN, Killakikitt & Soup