- David Paglia


With a musical taste that widely includes Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, House and Techno, David has accumulated a well diversified record collection of different genres. All serve in widely varied DJ Gigs from daytime sun drenched get downs to chill lounge vibes, night club culture through sweat on the walls warehouse gatherings.. Thats how he likes it as it constantly feeds his musical passion! Playing Minimal House/Techno on one night then Funk/Disco the next. All serve as inspiration in his productions including releases currently out on Soul Clap Records, Opulence in Canada, Cenote Records in Boston, and a few white label vinyl he has DIY pressed over the years. This musical chameleon can be listened to quite regularly all over his new home of Brooklyn New York playing regularly at Output/The Panther Room (Voted #1 club), House Of Yes, TBA, The Cityfox Experience and Bushwick A/V afters. Recently his international wings were born including Puerto Rico, Cuba and 2018 looks to be a very exciting year with new releases and tour dates...