- David Noakes


David Noakes is a British EDM DJ/producer and radio presenter born and based in Brighton in England. Having returned to producing in 2011 David has topped countless charts - 17 charts in 2012 alone.Remixing and collaborating with many top artists and producers such as Shena, Andrea Britton, Paul Hardcastle to name but a few, David is set to take his career to the highest level.David is a musician and songwriter and experienced engineer/producer and writes and produces all stages of his work.With the formation of his own imprint "Lose it Records" David is honing his style into something very special.A perfectionist settling for nothing but the very best sounds and production and an unrivalled experienced DJ able to mix on any format in any venue - David is one to watch.


Vocal House, Vol. 1
Ain't Nobody, Crash Club Dummies, Dynamike, Solaris Phase, Sorcha Richardson, Project Blue Sun, California Sun, Serpicon3, Phil Maher, Yo-c, David K (GER), Eddy Chrome, Starlounge, Daniel Tuerk, DJ Party-Zan, Nika Dostur, Everbeat, Jack & Jones, Cheese & Nuts, Serobeat, Luis Amarillo, Surisan, Cuba Club, PhatNoize, Tedjep Soulful House, Outatime, Pierre Piccarde, lukjlite, Chris Galmon, Andy Ztoned, Laura, Kusho, Syntheticsax, Nikita Malinin, Viho, Cosimo, DCVN, Sync Diversity, Stee Wee Bee, Snyder & Ray, Nogales, Kuchinke, Tania, Kim Kaey, Dj-chart, Miss Caramelle, Stereo Sun, Tara, G Papa, Chàrlee M., Native U, D Layna, Jeffrey Kork, DJ Leafar, Rainbox, Canesk, Dimel, Dj Jacky Joe, Kivema, T & G Factory, Fantasy Project, Nathan Brumley, Stereoliner, Paris Encore, Florianne, Maycelli, Ranieri, Brothers, DJ Rosso, Polina Griffith, The Stereo Flow, David Martini, Yan Garen, Leana Layne, At the Office, The Backup Plan, Timothy Drake, Scibba, Discomaus, Markus D'Ambrosi, Marga Gonzales, Laera, Tildbros, Phonic Lounge, Gerson S, Pablo Briales, David Del Olmo, xSaid, DJ Tayler, Mehrklang, Jon Thomas Project, Phil Storm, Ilhan Gumus, Casandra, Night Empire, Leela D, Terry Starr, G-Sisters, David K, Lexer, Robin Schulz, Miguel Lando, Mykel Mars, Syntheticsax, Ural Djs, Jason Parker, Sunset Crew, Royal Gigolos, Yelhigh!, Gordon, Doyle, Chris Oldman, HouseCrusherzzz, Crew 7, German Kreff, Egostuff, David Noakes, Patricio Amc, Tony Catania, David Martini, Yan Garen, Jon Thomas, Primacy, DJ Garry, DJ Armand Van Henegouwen, Ian Turner, Remundo
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