- Dav Schwartz


Davy, under the names Dav Schwartz & Frenchsweet, was born in Paris, Since a few years now he has been living in south of France.At first musically speaking, his influences were based on funk music then more House music and finally he let himself drown into the electro music wave. A couple of years ago, he discovered the artists like Kompakt label and many others..., and automatically can’t help but being inspired by theirs ounds .After making people dancing on his favorite’s songs & artists, naturally, he’d liked to make them dance with his own sounds. In 2008, Davy created a duo called Frenchsweet, performing melodic techno tracks much more thorough, precise. A few months later he released the first ep.Since 2008, he’s playing in club like the famous "Spartacus" Club. From now on Davy found himself in the tech-house & techno but he’s pretty open to every single style...