- Dash Xan-Thic


Born in 1993 Jose Maria Salvador aka Dash xan-thic in Mexico City, at the age of 15 cares wing music learning to play the guitar and bass.,At the age of 16 started playing at parties (friends, acquaintances, local festivals, etc) when calling Dash played psy trance and fullon psychodelic / dj set. at the age of 17 years began experimenting with minimal techno and dj set techuose being gender and by 2011 production enters the minimal electronic wing Dash xan-thic calling themselves their jobs which are observed in this soundclound taking their first EP in November 2011 called Minimamenteminimal, which contains six tracks of Electronic Minimal. Minimal techno is currently producing hybrid or an equally Minimal Tech-house, or a hybrid of the genus. In a part of Astral Project (label) and ActinDRec (Productions) is currently dj / producer and beatmaker in ActinDRec (Productions), TunalVision (collective) and Fullcolors (collective),Tech up and Gseven music records label.