- Dario LC


Dario LC is a young artist was born in a small province of South Italy in 1990; at the age 10 years he discovers and begins to support his passion for music.. then he decides to begin composing house music; In 2006 he begins to play in some party... Now, with support of friends dj/producer, he decides to begin to produce with seriously and professionalism. He spends his days searching for the particular sound ,mixing deep house-detroit and soul with elettronic loops and funk groove.His first release (vinyl & digital) is signed with "Hudd Traxx" [Hudd_027] included remix by Ekkohaus. He has also impressed with others big lables like: Smoke City Music w/ Jay Tripwire rmx [12"], Piekup Reords w/ Daniel Sanchez and Mulder "Bla Bla All Stars" rmx [12"], Digital releases on Conya Records, Recycle Records; All supported from Big artist like: Lauhaus. Julien Chaptal, Sis, Reboot, richie hawtin, jacuzzi boys, leon, livio&roby, Brothers' Vibe, robert dietz, Ray Okpara, Markus Homm, Jay Bliss, Carlos Sanchez, Varoslav and many more.. Dario continues to work his projects constantly, day after day in his studio.